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The German Jordanian University

Extensya participated at the Job Fair of the German Jordanian University on Tuesday the 14th of May 2013 under the sponsorship of Dr. Natheer Abu Obeid , students were passing through Extensya’s booth taking brochures to apply online. Most of the students were interested to work as an Internship which will be provided at Extensya’s convenient   time. Extensya will always be proud in working attentively so our recruited Jordanian youth can work to become self-sustainable.



Yarmouk University Job Fair

As a part of Extensya’s non-stop work for creating new jobs for the Jordanian students in the region, Extensya Participated at the job fair that was held at Al-Yarmouk University on the 9th of April 2013 under Dr. Abdullah Al-Musa sponsorship, whose the president of the University. Extensya ‘s mission was to find the right candidates among different applicants to hire them in different departments in the company.



JUST University Job Fair

As a part of our continuous work and committed interest to creating jobs within the region; Extensya joined the Jordan University of Science and Technology job fair held on March 30th 2013. Extensya took a part under sponsorship of Professor Abdallah I. Husein Malkawi. Thousands of applicants stopped by the Company’s booth to drop off their CV’s. We’re proud to have our Company’s name formed in the minds of our youth as a main purpose for a fair and fruitful employment opportunity in Jordan.



The National Campaign for recruitment by The Ministry of Labor 

Under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Ministry of Labor launched a campaign to help create over 18,000 jobs in the market. Successfully, Extensya has been proudly selected and honored by the Ministry of Labor for our rapid and stupendous growth and contribution to the local economy. Extensya   has recruited over a thousand youth within the span of less than two years, represented through a gender balance and regionally distributed through our high-recruiting rate in Irbid. We are proud to be working diligently so our recruited Jordanian youth can work towards becoming self-sustainable, while also positively contributing to our local economy. Even more, Extensya   works closely with recruited staff members to ensure they are continuously building their knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully perform their duties, while also preparing for future challenges and career opportunities by developing their technical, soft and managerial skills. At Extensya, we believe in our youth and believe investing in them means investing in a better Jordan!



Akhtaboot 3rd Job Fair

As part of its continued effort and wholehearted interest in creating Jobs within the region, Extensya took part in Akhtaboot’s third annual Job Fair that was held in Amman’s Grand Hall at Al Hussein’s Youth City on the 21st and 22 of November 2012.Thousands of applicants stopped by the Company’s booth to drop off their CV’s and quickly chat with one of their recruitment officers. Extensya was coined an “Applicant Magnet” at the event since many other companies were keen on having their booths in close vicinity to Extensya’s for the sole purpose of foot-traffic. “We’re proud to have our Company’s name sculpted in the minds of our youth as a prime destination for fair and fruitful employment opportunities in Jordan,” said the company’s Head of Recruitment, Mr. Seraj Jaghbeer.

* Akhtaboot is one of the major online career network Companies in Jordan, committed to linking the right person to the right Job opportunity.



JUST University

On the 18th of November 2012, Extensya, the leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Centre Services in the region was cordially invited by the Dean of Student Affairs at JUST University in Irbid to provide their students with employment opportunities. Extensya successfully recruited a large number of students across a wide array of majors from the University in its continued effort to create jobs in Jordan, with a specific focus on underdeveloped areas like Irbid. Their highly motivated and young workforce is a key ingredient in its non-relenting effort to provide jobs for inexperienced students across the country.



Extensya participated as an exhibitor at the annual Middle East Call Centre 2012

Extensya, the leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Centre Services in the region, participated as an exhibitor at the annual Middle East Call Centre 2012 (MECC ’12) show on June the 5th and 6th at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre. MECC ’12 offers the region’s top call center professionals a unique experience by providing the opportunity to get up-to-date with the industry’s latest trends and developments. The MECC show is the largest of its kind in the Middle East, and its experience is very appreciated by a large number of repeated attendees from one year to the next.



Extensya becomes the first company to certify for SPOT Performance Maturity Model Tier 1.

Extensya, the leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Management Services, achieved the Tier 1 certification of the SPOT Performance Maturity Model, becoming the first company worldwide to achieve the SPOT certification. The certification is provided by SPOT Consulting, a pioneering association that provides advisory on optimizing contact center operations.

The SPOT Performance Maturity Model offers companies with a performance based approach to optimize the operations of their contact centers. The model is three tiered, built around five major Categories – Planning, Technology, Process, People, and Performance Results. Within the five categories are 69 specific items with which companies must comply to. SPOT indicates leaders in their fields, those who certify are the highly performing players that companies want to work with. The program in Jordan is administered by Benprise, a contact center consultancy firm and a designated licensee of the SPOT certification.

The first level, Tier 1, is the entry point to the SPOT certification, validating that a company has sufficient processes, metrics and measures in place to effectively run the center. Afterwards, companies can certify to Tier II and then Tier III respectively.

Commenting on this accomplishment, Extensya’s CEO Mr. Wael Daoud noted: “This certification signifies Extensya’s outstanding performance, I have great confidence in the strength of our solutions and our team, and SPOT certification is a proof of this”.

Extensya is currently setting up preparations to launch Tier II of SPOT certification, the more advanced level, which requires the tracking of metrics for six months and getting 50% of the total of all End User Facing and Enabling Processes to meet or exceed their performance targets.

SPOT certification will empower Extensya’s regional and global positioning, by providing a framework compatible with world standards of operational framework and will enhance the positioning of the Jordanian industry on the global map.



Extensya is an exhibitor at the Government Contact Center Summit in Abu Dhabi.

The Government Contact Center Summit held on December 12th till the 15th of December in Abu Dhabi, gathered Contact Center industry experts with governmental parties to discuss means of enhancing the communication platform of government authorities with their citizens through various communication mediums. The topics discussed throughout the sessions highlighted ways and success stories on how to overcome the key challenges of managing people, technology and communication to achieve contact center excellence.

The event was attended by several key officials of the region’s government authorities and Contact Centers, amongst them were representatives from Jumeirah Group, RTA Dubai, Saudi Aramco, Dubai Bank and Etisalat. The summit took place in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, and Extensya was the sole BPO exhibitor of Contact Centers, the team introduced and highlighted the concept of Contact Center Outsourcing, which is a relatively new concept to the Middle East compared to Europe and the United States where it is a strategy companies adopt to perform more effectively and efficiently. Nevertheless, the Middle East is a thriving location for this type of services, and an active movement is seen towards creating the Middle East into a hub for this type of services.




Extensya participates in the “Strategies for Maximizing Call Center Performance” seminar organized by Globitel

Extensya co-hosted “Strategies for Maximizing Call Center Performance” Seminar, on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010, at the Dubai World Trade Center to promote growth and improvement among industry leaders. The event was organized by Globitel, and speakers alongside Extensya were Cisco and Insights.

Extensya’s CEO, Mr. Wael Daoud, delivered the first session titled “Sourcing Strategy: Maximizing Optimization Potential” sharing key insight on the outsourcing potential in the region. Other featured topics of discussion included effective performance management, the importance of training, and the workforce management.

Key experts and leading professionals gathered from all over the region for this half-day conference to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience. A Networking reception followed the seminar, offering attendees the chance to meet, mingle and exchange professional insights.




Extensya is BPO partner at the MENA ICT Forum

Extensya participated in the region’s largest ICT industry event, the MENA ICT Forum, October 10-11, 2010, at the King Hussein Business Park. Extensya was a sponsor as well as one of the 500 industry leaders in attendance at this region-wide, bi-annual conference.

This year, the forum featured more than 25 renowned key note speakers and leading experts from around the world, who offered valuable insight into ICT-related issues. Simultaneously, the conference facilitated opportunities for discussion and networking amongst attendees, who represent a wide expanse of ICT stakeholders in both public and private spheres, local and global markets.

The event was organized by the Information Technology Association of Jordan (Int@j) under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, a chief advocate of the country’s development through a solid ICT sector.

For more information on MENAICT, please visit: www.menaictforum.com


07.06.10                                                                                                                       IAOP launches the Jordan Chapter expanding their footprint in the Middle East        The inauguration of the Jordan Chapter by IAOP resembles a milestone in setting Jordan’s position as a prominent destination in the World of Outsourcing. The event took place at the Sheraton Hotel, on Monday 31st under the patronage of Jordan’s ICT minister, Mr. Marwan Juma.                                                                                                                               The keynote speaker and IAOP’s Chairman, Mr. Michal Corbett, gave a speech on “Yesterday’s Challenges & Tomorrow’s Opportunities in the MENA Region”, highlighting Jordan’s advantages within the MENA region and the challenges it will face, and how far it has come.                         A panel discussion was held afterwards, joining speakers from IAOP, SPOT, Extensya, Int@j, Crystel Call and Aspire Services. The discussions revolved around why and how Jordan is a Smart Shore destination.                                                                                                    The event was concluded by workshops given by Bobby Varanasi, CEO of Matryzel Consulting Inc and IAOP Asia Ambassador, titled “The Essential Elements of Outsourcing Strategy” and “Solution Selling and Client Acquisition” for outsourcing providers”.
The launch of an IAOP chapter in Jordan reflects the strong commitment of the government and the capabilities of the economy; the chapter is a geographical chapter and is focused on talent development and recognition of the challenges in the Middle East North Africa marketplace which are vital to nurturing the market.


21.03.10                                                                                                                       USAID Jordan graduates the first batch of Extensya's Contact Center agents from Bell Amman Language Center                                                                                                 In a ceremony held at Bell Institute, USAID Jordan Economic Development Program (SABEQ), graduated the first batch of Extensya's Contact Center agents from Bell Amman for language learning. The ceremony was headed by Mr. Laith Al Qasem, Chief of Party at USAID's program, Ms. Samar Al Qadri, Human Resources Manager at Extensya, as well as Rula Kawar, Managing Director at Bell Amman and Peter Frey Academic Director... more


26.12.09                                                                                                                   Orange selects Extensya to manage its landline directory service “1212”           Orange “Jordan Telecom” announces that it has selected Extensya to manage and operate its “1212” landline directory. Operations are planned to launch by the beginning of February 2010. Extensya was selected based on its technical capabilities and the solutions offered. Many subscribers were dissatisfied by the landline directory service as many complained that the queue time would at times extend to 4 minutes, and often inquired numbers were incorrect. The fixed line directory offers subscribers the service with a cost of 5 piasters per phone call, and compared to the cost of operating such a facility the price is quite low, as the operation is quite large to service more than 500,000 landline subscribers.Orange ensured that outsourcing this service to an external specialized partner will result in a more efficient and enhanced service, and reducing operational and managerial costs.


20.10.09                                                                                                                Extensya is the top employer of the Injaz Job Fair 2009, this is the biggest Employment event in Jordan                                                                                         The Job Fair, organized by Injaz, titled ”Link2Job” aims at bringing job seekers and  job employers together.  More than 80 companies participated in the Job Fair, and it welcomed 24,602 job seekers coming from all around the kingdom... more                                                


18.10.09                                                                                                                    Extensya is the golden sponsor for “The Employment Fair & Training Expo for the Northern Region”                                                                                                           The ministry of Labor and USAID Jordan Economic Development Program (SABEQ) organize the “Employment Fair & Training Expo for the Northern Region”, with the collaboration of Al-Huson University College/Al-Huson Career Development Center CDC aiming to boost Jordanian governorates’ economy through increasing employment opportunities in the Northern region.   The Job Fair took place at Al Huson campuses near Irbid on October 14th and 15th; with over 60 participating companies and over 10,000 visitors, its mission highlights the government’s strategy of enhancing the Jordanian governorates’ economy. Extensya’s decision to be a golden sponsor was intended to attract the maximum number of visitors and applicants, as a setup of a new site in the north of Jordan is underway, thus there is a particular interest for the northern region workforce.                                                                                                                     Being a golden sponsor requires being more than just participating; Extensya’s HR representatives sat up an automated job application system at the booth to facilitate the candidates’ registration process in order to allow all interested candidate to apply.


10.09.09                                                                                                                       With the support of USAID, Extensya offers English training courses for its employees at Bell Amman                                                                                                            USAID Jordan Economic Development Program (SABEQ) partners up with Extensya, to build up the language competencies of Extensya’s Contact Center agents, all in its continued efforts to build an outsourcing industry in Jordan and empowering it with highly qualified communicators that will enable the business provider to compete globally, and establish Jordan as an outsourcing center... more


Extensya Awarded Best New OSP in the 2009 Middle East Call Center Awards     
Extensya, the pioneering Jordanian company specialized in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), was awarded Best New Outsourcing Services Provider in the 2009 Middle East Call Center Awards. Organized by Insights, the sole organization dedicated to professional call center services; the Middle East Call Center Awards seek to acknowledge organizations in the region that offer outstanding call center services to their clients. The award ceremony was recently held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dubai... more

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