Extensya’s purpose is to liberate your potential and transform your performance by empowering you with smart contact management solutions and support, allowing you to focus on what’s essential. To achieve that we are setting new standards in terms of human talent, technical infrastructure and implementation processes. After all, behind every inspiring performance lays a solid mastery of skill and technique.

Solid infrastructure, round the clock availability, transparency, control, and, above all, flexibility and a spirited performance. That is what you should expect from your outsourcing partner.

Extensya provides a wide range of contact management outsourcing services that are tailored to meet the unique business needs of our partners no matter how complex these needs may be.

Flexibility through a multitude of channels
Extensya operates a contact management center that can handle all types of interactions through voice calls, web, fax and email. Extensya also offers powerful self-service capabilities through its IVR and speech recognition systems. Extensya's solutions are a blend of inbound and outbound programs that cater to all your contact management needs.

Availability: Whenever your customers need you
Extensya operates a 24X7 contact management center. Our team is ready to handle your needs around the clock, and our resilient technical infrastructure has been designed to allow full business continuity with virtually no interruptions.

Technology: Open, flexible, secure
Extensya operates a state-of-the-art IP contact center solution. The core of our technology setup is a powerful contact management platform, upon which our diverse business applications are based. The open architecture of our platform enables its integration with our partner's systems and allows for maximum flexibility. Our human and technical data protection measures ensure that our environment is secured, end-to-end.

Human Talent: It’s the people who make the difference
Extensya knows that our solutions are only as good as the people who deliver them. The excellence of our team is ensured through a rigorous people development process. Extensya is powered by a pool of educated, bilingual and highly motivated agents, supported by a capable, experienced team of trainers, projects managers and team leaders.